Mods To 01 Wr426

Well The "new To Me" 01 Wr426 Has The Gray Wire Pulled, Took The Top Off The Airbox, Uncorked It. Cranks Up On 1st Or 2nd Kick, Idles Great, So Probably Will Wait On Messing With The Jetting. Plan On Getting A Recluse Clutch Very Soon. The Front Sups. Is There Anything I Can Do To It Besides Drain And Refill To Proper Level???? Also The Chain And Rear Sprocket Are In Need Of Replacement. I Plan On Riding Hare Scrambles With This Bike, Any Suggestions On Sprocket Mods Front And Rear??????????????????13/50....14/48????????????????

first, you must, and i say MUST do the suspension. it HAS to be the best mod that you could ever to do anything, cause i mean, you can have 900 horsepower, but if you cant put it to the ground, what use is it?

SECOND, you HAVE to do the jetting. you CANNOT beat a bike that is properly jetted. i could have an xr50 with spot on jetting against a poorly jetted cr500, and on a drag strip i will beat it EVERY TIME, regardless of rider skill. i hope you see the importance of jetting, the most important thing you can do to your bike....

but first, i would reccomend doing the suspension, cause thats the most important mod of all time. because jetting and suspension are so important, i would take my PERFECTLY tuned suspension and great jetting over your bike any day!

clearly, im kidding. jetting and suspension are stupid. the springs go up and down, right? if so, then its good enough to ride. theres mixed gas and air that goes into the spark plug, right? if so, then you're good enough to ride. don't listen to these people telling you that you NEED to do this garbage, just get out there and ride :)

First of all, congrats on the new ride. With a little love and time the bike should be just perfect. I am not very well acclimated to using wrenches, so I have to usually pay someone to do he wrenching for me. Before my bike hit dirt the first time, it had the suspension tweeked by JM Racing. They are really well known around Houston and do a great job. The new MB1 suspension co. would be a good option as well. Once again, if you can revalve forks and wrench on them yourself, you will save much money. My friend has more riding skill than me and we own the same rides 2002 WR426's. I took him to a place where I ride that has about 150 yards of whoops (yeah everything is really bigger in TX), and it was working the sh*t out of him. He said that he looked over at me, and could have sworn that I was riding a blue lazy boy. Suspension does make lots of difference. As far as the jetting goes, I believe that it is imperative to have it done well. If you are too rich, so what, it just runs slowly and fouls plugs. If you are lean, you will need a new engine soon. I am sure that you will love the bike, but don't be unwilling to pamper her in return. Happy Whoops

Suspension is a must. Put some sort of cork in the end of it too. Not the stock cork, but a PMB or a quiet products insert(my nod). Gets you most of the power, but not all the noise. Consider a stabilizer if you have sand near you. Makes all the difference.

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