What do you use on your chains?

What grease/oil/spray-on stuff/goop do you use to keep you chain going?

I put the bike on a stand and spray the chain down with WD40 to clean while the bike is running and the wheels spinning. Then I use gear lube (same oil you put in your 2 stroke transmission). Its a bit messy but if done regularly will keep the chain limber.

I clean my dirt bike chains with spray lube,like wd or crc,then I oil the chain with chainsaw bar oil,its like sticky 30 weight

Maxima chain wax ..

Get a metal pot and put a gas burner underneath it.. Cook up the oil and with 2 pairs of pliers pass the chain through it slowly.

If its an old chain, make sure its been dipped or wirebrushed first.

MOLYKOTE also do an anti friction spray which is good for new chains and sprockets.

90 wt gearoil seems to keep them lubed good i use it just before each ride

I had a old chain and used WD-40 or 90W. It was pretty stiff from previous owner's lack of lube. 90W was pretty messy, WD-40 is used by quite a few riders. I just put on a new 'O-ring' chain and going to try BelRay 'O-ring safe' spray lube or Chain Wax. I ride in sandy conditions and don't want a lube that will catch sand and turn the chain into a 80 grit sanding belt!

Just make sure you clean your chain with soap and water, simple green, etc. before you re-lube it to get all the dirt and grit off first or you will be grinding the gritty stuff! Don't use a pressure washer, you will blow the lube and o-rings!


Anyone use a non O ring chain? I just picked up a 99 cr250 in fantastic shape and it was owned by a 40 y/o class A rider. On the 250, the chain he uses is a non O ring DID Gold. He said he prefered that because you can actually clean it with a metal brush and not worry about what you use to clean it with. This made sense to me. I'll be riding the 250 around on tracks so the mileage won't be anywhere near what I do on the 650r. What are your guys thoughts? I use that crayon smelling spray wax but lately I've been using a spray graphite lube that someone reccomended. Eitherway, I need to get a new chain for the 650r.

i have an o-ring chain and i just clean it with break cleaner and a soft brush. works for me

I spray my chains with simple green, then spin the rear wheel while squeezing a grunge brush onto the chain and it helps to clean 3 sides of the chain at once. I'll use the grunge brush on the other side of the chain and then hose off any dirt / grime. Once the chain is perfectly clean, I'll spray it down with WD40 to displace the water, then wipe it down with a clean rag. Then I'll lube the chain with Schaeffers 227 moly roller chain lube (awesome product) and let it sit a day. It's quite thin & runny at first when applied, but it will adhere to the chain / sprocket and dry in a days time while forming a solid film lubricant that can withstand pressures of 500,000 pounds per square inch. Once adhered, it forms a very tough long lasting solid lubricant film, which resists removal by water and heat and it does not attract dust or dirt. The chain looks brand new after I'm done. I've done this same treatment to chains on some of my friends bikes and there's an obvious before and after difference in the sound (quieter) and rolling resistance (less resistance) when spinning the rear wheel.

I always run a non o-ring chain. I never had any luck with o-ring chains back when I rode a lot of mud and just got used to running non o-ring chains. I only use motorcycle chain lube (PJ-1 or whatever the shop has) on my chains and clean them with kerosene. The high quality non o-ring chains I use seem to last more or less forever, so I have always stayed with them.

Honda HP with white lithium grease.

Simple Green and a Grunge or tooth brush to clean it and a hose. Maxima Chain Wax for lube. Works for me.

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