Think I have a problem...

hmm...Have a 98 YZ400 purchased about 6 months ago. I think I have a problem with my wheel offsets, especially the rear. Having problems jumping and even balancing when coasting. It feels like the rear end wants to kick a bit on launch and roll over on it's right. The front wheel is as straight as can be, but off center to the right a bit. Rear is off center to the left over an inch and I noticed the sidewall knobbies hit the chain.

The bike had Excel rims on it from the previous owner. Should the rear wheel be offset to the left allowing for brake rotor clearance? Doesn't sound right but I can't think what else it could be. Could the wrong spoke set have been laced up?

Got the rear wheel off, tire off, pulled a spoke out of each side, they are the same length as far as I can tell. Any ideas? Maybe I'm way off?

My WR tries to kick the rear end out on slower jumps and I think it's fairly normal. You rear knobs hitting the chain is not. Maybe you have some wrong spacers or maybe the adjusters are not set properly. I get the same measurement from the swingarm to the rim on both sides. In winter I have to crank my adjusters a bit and turn my rear tire to the right to keep my studs from hooking the chain and I can feel it a bit, but not as severe as your problem. My front wheel is centered in the forks. I have a YZ wheel in front of me right now and the spokes are centered, but the disc side of the hub sticks out more than the other side. A straight edge laid across the wheel shows the spokes stick out a bit farther than the rim, same on both sides.

I bent the frame in a roadrace bike and it behaved a bit like you're describing. It was always trying to turn to the left and felt weird when I turned to the right, and would almost leave 2 tire tracks when I rode it through dirt. I bought a new frame. Hopefully you just have wrong spacers or they are in the wrong place.

Did the bike behave like this when you bought it or is it something it just started doing. Sounds like something isnt lineing up right. I would take a measurement from wheel to swingarm on both sides, double check the adjustments and wheel bearings. I cant really see the frame being bent, it would take a hell of a crash to bend it. Thats not to say its impossible though. If I were you I would see if someone would let you try their rear wheel and spacers. Then you can eliminate wether or not your aftermarket rim is even the right one or not.


My 99 WR came stock with Excel wheels.

Thanks guys. I remounted the raw rim and measured it out from edge of swingarm to edge of rim. I'm 2 1/8" on the left and 3" on the right. 7/8" doesn't sound like much but it sure looks bad.

If anyone can replicate a measurement to confirm it should be more centered, then I think I'll get the appropriate spoke kit from Excel. Heck, there's a crack in the rim, maybe I'll get a new blank too.

Been riding 4 strokes my whole life, but this is the first REAL 4 banger I've owned (read XR/DR/XR). I was thinking I should be able to ride this better...well maybe it wasn't all me? :)

Take your wheels in to have them trued by a professional. If you don't know how to true wheels you might be in for a can of worms. But yeah, it sounds like you have issues. A rim can be trued off center and this sounds like what you've got going on.

This may be well beneath what you have tried already but I just want to eliminate the simplist possibility. Maybe your chain adjusters or markings are screwed up and you think the wheel is straight in the swingarm but it's not.

Lay a straightedge alongside the bike on a couple of boxes or something high enough to get it level with the front sprocket. Set the straightedge parallel to your rear tire or the raw rim if you have the tire off. Use something long enough to reach from the back of the rear wheel to the front sprocket. Make sure you have an even distance between the straightedge and the front and back of the rim. Now see if it looks straight with the bike and see if it is parallel with the front sprocket. It seems odd that someone would lace both wheels offset by that much. Are you sure the rims are aftermarket and not stock?

Two things I am guessing...

Although it has alreay been mentioned, make sure the distances from the center of the swingarm pivot to the center of the axle are exactly the same on both sides.

Second...I think the first year that Excels were standard was 1999. That being the case I think someone may have switched your earlier wheels with some from a 1999 or later bike. The hubs are diefferent, the wheel bearings are different, and the spacers may be different. Heck, even the sprockets are different.

I am not sure about the width of the hubs but I think the mix and match of wheel and spacers has the rear wheel off set.

Good ideas guys. Swingarm is straight. Straightedge along bare rim seems straight to me. These are definitely add on rims, they're black excels with gold talon hubs. Bike has tons of upgrades so it makes sense.

Looking at Excel specs on White Bros, etc., there are very specific rims for the YZ400 (98) and even more specific when matched up with Talon Hubs. I think its the wrong spoke set and maybe even the wrong rim. Rim is pretty beat up with two impacts and a small crack, so I think I'll get a new rim, spoke set and re-use my hub.

Measured a stock 04 and it was centered to less than a 1/16".

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