450 exhaust

whats the loudest and best sounding exhaust available for the 450. ive got a thunder alley on my 400 and every one says it sounds like an airplane taking off, thats pretty loud. im gonna upgrade to a blue or red 450, probably blue. and i want a awesome sounding loud pipe. i don't care to much for the power, a 450 is gonna kick my ass anyway.



I've got a Yosh, it's a bone rattler. Its not gonna give huge power gains, but nothing looks like or sounds like or cost like a Yoshimura.

ya those are pretty pricey. i think if im gonna pay that much im gonna go for the most power. i don't think sound is worth that much.

For closed course, go BIG GUN. Looks. Power. Sound.

alright ill check it out. btw, not riding in a closed course just out in the bush, trails and stuff, well actually ya about 50% will be on a track.

If you gonna do something do it right and get the best because eventually you will want more power! I have rode and heard Jardine RT-4 exhaust system and I loved it ! It made the bike feel like it was a 500cc instead of a 450cc. The sound was pretty loud... but I like that. I hear lots of thumper riders looking for quiter exhaust because of the crack down but I ride mostly trails and who's gonna catch me if they think I'm too loud? :)

If Your Wanting To Be Loud Then I Heard The Pro-tec Was Very Loud. Dirt Rider Did A Pipe Shootout For The Yz450 And Dogged It Because It Was So Loud. I Have A Jardine On My Yz450 And Its About A 104 Dec. But It Sure Does Haul Some Serious Ass!

High Compression


(if You Aint Crashin You Aint Riding Fast Enough)

I picked up a White Bros. E Race series with the header included for $350 form motosportsoutlet.com. This is the same exaust as the Carbon pro just about .25 lbs heaiver. Taken the bike out on the street for test rides and it hauls.

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