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Rod bearing failure

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"Hi all, my name is trevor, I'm an owner of a 2000 WR 400, and I have a problem". Seems to be too common of a failure for such a hyped bike. Here's my story:

I bought the bike new in December 2000. Bike hours could not be more than 20 hours total riding time. One afternoon, my bike shut down as I came to a stop. When trying to kick it over, it was impossible, so I got towed back to camp. Immediately when I got home I started the disassembly. Got the bike down to the cases & found a ring of metal on the end of the crankshaft,where it meets the oil pump. The piece of metal looked like a rough thread which peeled as the nut was tightened on the shaft, but neither myself or the mechanics at the Yamaha dealership could explain it, as the parts breakdown show nothing should be there. The ring of metal was very rough, blued, & had a split. The dealership split the cases & metal had gone through the motor, the rod bearing came apart in pieces. I don't know if this is related to the failure or not. One this I do know is maintenance & riding style are not factors here.

Funny thing is that before I bought the bike, I talked with my brother-in-law who owned a '98 YZF400, and he had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM! he fixed his bike & immediately sold it. After he looked at my spent parts, it was deja vu to him. So now here I am. I'm installing my motor after new parts, but not sure if this truly is a fluke, a Yamaha originated defect or what. I've looked through some of the archives on this topic, and in the past four months there have been similar entries. I welcome the feedback, experiences & knowlege from everyone on this topic, and would sure like a success story or two in order to maintain confidence in the WR.


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