Woods riding...

I was wondering how many clicks you guys go out on your yz400's for woods riding. I finally got to ride my new (but used) bike today for the first time and I want the suspension to be a little bit more plush over the rocks and such. So how many clicks should i go out?

got 2 clicks down and see how it feels if its still to hard for you bring it down another 2. bring the srew driver with you on the trails so you can adjust it to your likeing..


Dont be a lil girl and just wheelie over the rocks like a freind i know (his name is stephen).

When adjusting the clickers I never go more than two clicks at a time. You should feel a difference with this adjustment.

To soften it up back out your rebound a couple clicks first. Ride it and then make further adjustments.

If the bike was not originally setup for you it might be wise to go see a suspension expert first. Having suspenders set to your weight, skills, and ride preference is the best thing you can do to your bike period.

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