Graphics kits for XR650L

Hey guys, just trying to find some nice graphics for my 2003 XR650L after I upgrade to an IMS tank. I have seen the XR's only set with seat cover..looks pretty tight. But I am sure members here would have links on websites with other great options.

Thanks and please post a link to pic of your bike if you did a grafx update



I have read that many dont put graphics on the after market plastic tank. Something about the gas fumes seeping through the plastic tank and basicly destroying the sticker in a short amount of time.


94 L

Yeah i tried that and the stickers were all bubbled from the fumes within a week so i havnt botherd to put any more on. :) It dont look too bad without graffix just a little plain. I would save my money and put it twards getting the suspesion done rather than graffix. :)

Bumping this up since I found some vital info on the tank/gas breathing through issue.

Pasting from

I love those grafx they are using on the tank and seats..those are hella tight !!!

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