seat height? shaved or not?

I have two seats for my bike, one is a shaved down quite a bit and one is stock . Is there a way to measure the correct seat height or do you just ride what feels good? Any negatives to riding a seat that is short? Thanks

I'd say whatever makes you comfortable, to an extent. Only if you were to go to an extreme would it be a negative.

The distance from the seat to the pegs is somewhat important, and depends on your height. If they're too close together, it makes rising from seated to a standing position more difficult than necessary. If too far apart, you won't get adequate saddle clearance when standing.

If you look at something really extreme like some of the road customs or choppers, their seats are so low that your mass is centered too far down in the bike's mass to really control it well, but there's no way you're likely to do that with an MX'er.

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