Bent My Bars Today

Went riding in some slick as snot mud and dumped my bike pretty hard. Ended up with bent bars and a bent clutch lever (I really need to get some good handguards) Anyway, for new bars I am thinking I would like to go to a fat bar and am looking at the Renthal or Moose 1-1/8" bars, both with a Moose universal handlebar clamp so I don't need to replace the triple clamp. This will raise my bar height about one inch which I think I will like. So, I guess I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on some good 1-1/8" bars for mainly woods riding with the occassional trip to the track, keeping in mind that I need to be careful about not making them too tall with the added 1" from the Moose universal clamp. Should I use the Moose universal clamp or just spend $75 more and replace the top of my triple clamp? Also, for guards I was going to go with the Cycra Pro Bends, will these still work well for my setup if I switch to 1-1/8" bars or is there something else that will work better? Thanks for any help here.


First off, welcome to the club and dont feel like the 'Lone Ranger'. I put Pro Tapers on mine with the Fly adapter(sounds similar to the one you are talking about). My buddy BigDavey got Renthal twinwalls with a Fly adapter. They are both good, but if I had it to do all over I would go with the twinwalls. Good Luck :)

I just installed Moose adaptors with Moose Burelson bend fat bars. The burelson bend bars are very narrow. So narrow that my old cycra hand guards do not fit.

I don't have any real rides on the new bars yet (just a couple of trips down some powerlines) but so far I think that they are awsome. Also at 6'3" having the bas higher is going to make a huge diffrece to me. Riding in the attack position is actually comfortable now. Whe I figure out the hand guard thing I will let you know

Can't help you for the bars but my friends and I all ride enduro engineering hand guards in the woods and we think they are the best. We've seen all other hand guards bend but these End Eng... never.

Good luck.

I really like the Renthal Twinwalls. I put PowerMadd guards on and they work good with the Twinwall bar. I used the Fly adapt. and i think it raised the bar about an inch.

Thanks for all the advice. I ended up with the Fly adapters and Tag Metal Twinwalls. I would have preferred the Renthals but all my dealer had in oversized bars were Tag or Fly. Once I get them mounted I'll start looking for handguards. I've got a pair of Acerbis Rally Pros laying around that didn't fit well on the original bars. Wonder if they'll work better on my new ones. BTW, has anyone tried any of the handguards that mount to the triple clamps? If so is it worth going to them? Thanks again for the help.


Congrats on the purchase. :) Let us know how you like the Tag's.

The Cycra Probend triple clamp mount work great! Note that you need longer pinch bolts for mounting .....

Well, I mounted the new bars today and rode around my property to test it out. The one inch rise from the adapters is actually pretty substantion but it took me all of about 30 seconds to get used to it. After everything seemed to be really comfortable. I think I am really going to like having slightly taller bars. Also, from what I could tell from my short ride without a left grip I really like the feel of the bars. It seems like getting rid of the center bracket makes the bars flex a little better. And it goes without saying that it certainly cleans up the area and will make it easier to mount handguards. Plus 1 1/8" bars just look cool IMO. Now, does someone have any tricks to getting grips on? I've done it before but it was a chore. I know someone has to have a trick to getting them to slip on easier.


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