92 XR600 dual sport for sale in Va

I hope this is not against the rules.. If so I apologize and moderator please delete. Otherwise, here is a link to the ebay auction for my 92 XR6.

link to ebay auction

Steel of a deal! :):)

ok post...but wrong forum...

should be in For Sale forums


ok post...but wrong forum...

should be in For Sale forums


Justice.. I'm ashamed to say, but I couldn't figure out how to post in the for sale forum. I couldn't find the 'new thread' button/link. I figured it was out of comission or disabled for some reason so I gave up and posted it here. :)


Ok, I went back and figured it out.. The for sale forum is disabled, but still readable. There's a new "classifeds section".. I added it there. thanks. :)

turn signals work?

No, it doesn't have turn signals. I bought that headlight shell on ebay when the original had a crack in it and it came w/ the tiny integrated signal lenses.

Is the title in your name and are the tags current? are you willing to drive any distance to meet a buyer? I'd like to have that old school monster!


The title is clear and in my name. I transferred the tags to my 650R a few weeks ago. re: delivery to Kentucky?... PM or write me: danlewisjr(at)comcast(dot)net. I'm going to Hatfield McCoy in April, could possibly bring 'er..

No I didn't mean for you to drive the bike all the way to kentucky. I was thinking would you be able to drive a few hours and meet me somewhere to make my trip not as far. I sold a ktm to a guy in FL once and hooked up with him in knoxville, tn(a 4hr drive for me) to help him out. The hatfield mccoy thing would work I ride there once a month. I threw down 6500 for a new 05 450 exc a few hours ago so I'm not for sure I'll even be able to buy your bike. I have so many projects going on right now but I would like to have it.

I threw down 6500 for a new 05 450 exc a few hours ago

A buddy of mine bought a brand new 525EXC last thursday and I rode it some over the weekend, man that thing is nice.. But it boiled over a couple times on the first trail ride Saturday when the going got too slow. I guess it's lean from the factory like everything else. Once while we were waiting for it to stop steaming I tried to trade him straight up for my good ol XR6 which, as I pointed out, never boils over. :) He didn't bite..

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