How to make the 05 WR450 faster.

I am going to be buying this bike very soon and want to know what to do to make it faster. I am a AA racer and need a little more power then the stock bike. What is the hot set up. I know about cutting the gray wire and about changing the slide in the carberator and the exhaust. What about the the air polution control system. Let me know what works. Thanks.

Following the advice of our fellow TTer's, I had all the mods done (with the exception of removing the AIS). Out of the crate, my bike ran rough, with barely noticeable power. After the mods (grey wire, JD Jet Kit, YZ throttle stop, air box snorkle and baffle removed, it's like a different bike. Smoother engine idle, increase in power (pulled away from an XR 650 doing 80), easier start (usually on the first try kicking). CAUTION: Front end somehow loses weight and defies gravity! I weigh 230lbs, and I have no problem getting the front end up in every gear. I would recommend these mods to any WR owner, especially those who buy a California model such as myself.

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