Why so much yz450 bashing on the other forums.

I have been reading the rmz and crf forums and noticed that they tend to go out of their way to bash the yz450. The yzthumper forum doesnt seem to bash the other bikes. Am I brain washed about loving my yz450 and dont realize I am on an inferior bike?

I don't know what their complaints are, so I can't tell you. Obviously not about reliability issues. :)

Probably trying to justify their choice by running down the alternatives, and using the opinions of "respected industry leaders" like Dirt Rider magazine. If you can't make yourself look good, you try to make your competition look bad.

Bashing other brands beyond any level of realism, or failing to separate a bike's characteristics from your own preferences is not very constructive, actually.

Yeah, that annoys me too. A lot of people are just biased and seem to think that their bike is the best, but if they actually owned a YZF i bet they would say different.

Just like people who have been riding 2 strokes all their life seem to think their bike is better than any thumper when they actually don't know, it's just that they are used to what they ride so they rate it better than anything else.

I have not ridden any other thumper then my Yami so i honestly dont know which is the best out the bunch. I hear the CRF handles the best, and the RMZ and KXF have the best bottom end power. and apparently the YZF has the most powerful motor. but again i don't know for a fact.

No doubt Yamaha has the strongest most relaible motor though. :-)

I don't pay attention much...First, most of the time, the rider easily encompass for any real difference that might exist between the big 4xx thumpers... specially among week-end warriors like me. These bikes are so much more than we will ever be able to really use that the bike does not make a big diff at the end performance wise...

On the reliability, all I can say is that my yam has been flawless so far. And all my friends who own yams are also happy with their bike.

Regarding the engine design, I'm not a mechanic or engineer but I have to admit that I'm more impressed by the Yamaha design. Ever open the head on your YZ? It is so well built! Just amazing.

I'm sure other bikes are a lot of fun too, but definitely see no reason for bashing at yammies specially because they are already ahead (again) in the next big development step (which is 2WD).

One could prefer another brand but can't see a real reason to bash :)

I love my yami. If i rode a honda id probably say the same thing. I think like stated above its just people trying to make there own bikes the best bikes. You know what i mean. Im not gonna go around saying that the yamaha sucks when i own one. The others are just in denial and they are jealouse. They know the yamis and obviousely the best bike out there. LOL

you'all sit over here and have group hugs a lot dont ya. :)

Well I have ridden the honda and actually tried to make myself like it because of all the hype! I ordered one and then a week later I got to ride one for the day and found that I did not like it at all, but here again it is my preference. I cancelled the order and got the yami and I am very happy with it!

you'all sit over here and have group hugs a lot dont ya. :)


I was fortunate (and aggressive) enough to ride both before I decided which to buy. A friend had a CR450, I loved it. I was a Red Rider already, so it was easy to love. Then I chased down a guy on a YZ in the pits on a practice day. Asked him what he thought. He just gushed about how much he loved it. I asked if I could ride it. After a little persistance, he said "okay, but just 2 laps!". Man, it was hard to stop after two laps! I love my YZ. Now I leave my Fox Red Rider gear bag inside the truck so my bike won't see it and spit me off when it gets a chance!

I think that it is along the same lines as to why poor people hate RICH people

there wannabees. :)

Gotta be because all the other brands were way behind on the thumper scene and yamaha beat them to it. Then when the yamaha was bullet proof and an amzeing bike not only were they beat. But they had there arss handed to them.

Well all I know since I picked up my YZ426f (my first dirt bike) I have been loving life since. I have owned a Intercepter 500,CB1100f,YZF750 and my favorite bike from those was the Yammi. Currently I am riding with some very experienced riders that help me out a lot. We ride at Hollister Hill Ca and I have learned to appriciate the power and handling of the YZ426f. The bike has been rock solid with no issues. I would be hard pressed to go with an other make. :)

I think yz426onNOS is on the right track. Yamaha invented this class and so by default the YZ is the benchmark by which all others are compared. Basically, all the other manufacturers have learned from Yamaha and have done their best to make their bikes better than the YZF. Face it, Yamaha's design is older and the others have had the advantage of learning from it. That's the price of being the innovator.

Ya.. Yamaha is definatly no afraid to try new things.. thats what I like about them. Look at that new WR450 2-Trac! Whats next?

It's human nature to justify your purchase, what ever it might be.......... bottom line.

Think about it, how many of your toys have you justified to yourself?

All of these bikes are so close to each other that it boils down to the rider more than anything.

All I know is they are having an awful lot of problems in the CRF forum! I'm sure they're just jealous of all of us who can handle the YZ's immense power (WHOO....HOOOOO!) and they are trying to justify the purchase of their inferior bikes. It's called rationalization.

Yama bashing is what happens when your waiting for your new valve kit to arrive through the mail. Lots of time on your hands :)

Well, I went and did it now!!! hahah I read this post and just couldn't stand it. I went to the CRF forum and read a post about valve shims on a new 450. I tried and tried but couldn't help myself, I told that guy he needed to save his money and buy something reliable. RIDE,SLEEP,EAT,THINK, BLUE!! I imagine that will stir the pot a bit! Ya' all got my back? hahaha :)

What is common to following people:

A Harley owner riding a jap bike

A queer getting d*ck in the a**

A Honda owner riding a Yamaha


All of them like it soo much, but they do not dare to say it out loud. :)

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