This just can't be right!!!???

Took the BRP out for a ride yesterday- put a good hard 80 miles on her. Had some concerns over my valve adust I did last week. Also replaced the 68s pilot for a 70 to help with the dreaded off idle hesitatiion.

The bike is now a one kick wonder, power is up but... still some excessive valve ticking(to me anyway) and now when I start a warm bike I kick through until I'm at TDC- pull in a little compression release, move the piston past TDC and whack- one kick and were off- usually. I kicked(slowly) the bike about ten times looking for the teltale resistance of TDC and never found it. Out of curiousity, tried to start the bike and it fired right up!!?? I looked at the compression release cable and it was slack. What is going on? Again, the bike makes good power.

Also, as a side the bike is un-corked, am running a full FMF Q with PowerBomb header, 175/70/b53e needle in the 4th position- temp was 40 degrees at an average elevation of 1500'. In some tight areas the bike started to boil. It has never done that in any conditions before.

That's the way it should run.. start on first kick.

Noisy valve=happy valve.. it's when they get quiet that you need to check the clearance rightaway..

I know this is not what you posted about, but how do you like the FMF exhaust system, what did it do to the power?

Thanks, Rick

Yeah I kinda thought the valve noise was OK- still a little concerned about the lack of compression when turning the motor over. The more I think about it I wonder if it has something to do with the auto-decompressor feature. Would adjusting the valves also affect the auto-decompressor?

You should re-adjust the decompresser lever after the valve adjustment.


The bike was purchased with the FMF system installed so I can't comment on the before and after. I can say that I love the system though. As we all know the bike has amazing power but the FMF is lighter, sounds good (and is legal),and looks good too. Hope that helps.

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