thinking about ?'s

Well i just got rid of my kx 125 and my yamaha warrior....and i am wanting a four stroke dirt questions are i am only about 5'6" but have plenty of riding experience i was wondering if a yz400 would be too big...also how reliable are they?....any problems i should look for?

That;s a loaded question, go ride one first and see what you think of it,

there heaver than the 125 and seem a little top heavy however you can

adept your riding style for that.

What to look for, general appearance,frame wear,don't forget to look under the frame that will tell you if the guy abused it,check the swing arm for play as well as the steering bearings.

In general go over it with a fine tooth comb and see how often he change the oil remember no matter how nice the guy is, once you give him the money

it's yours.

Good luck :)

thanks for the info....going to check it out tomm.

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