Cam for 96 XR600

Hot Cams lists a mild stage one cam for my 96 XR600 that can be used with the stock valve springs. Looks like it would be a simple drop in modification. The motor has an FMF pipe and K&N air cleaner and I would just like to step it up a little. Has anyone tried this cam and if so how did it work for you?



I did this cam. It made the power pull continuous through the top end instead of falling off as it reved. Solid power from idle to the very top.

Thanks for the feedback, I might have to give it a try. Anybody else have any drop cam recomendations?


I ran the HRC cam in my 96 600R. It dropped right in with only a change to the auto decomp spring. Pulled better all the way to the top. It did create some idle problems though.

What kind of idle problems?

hi just to confuse matters, i fitted a mild cam to my 97 xr6 with a standard air box and exhaust 3 days before riding it 3k miles to Morocco and back!

it kept running the whole way and fitting it was straight forward so I'd say don't worry.

you'd have thought that fitting a tuned cam would improve top end at the expense of low to mid power (half the character of it!) and give it a rough tick over but if your the type of rider that likes to keep it nailed :) go for it.

mine seems to run fine on full throttle but searches and dies when cruising, very annoying when doing lots of miles.

for some reason it also has a huge dip in the top end? :) i got it dyno'd but I'm still no wiser.

any one know a Honda engineer?

Huh? What is "fitting" the cam?

When I did the stage 1 HotCam, there was absolutely no running issues whatsoever. It just made for a totally broad powerband. Now...onto the 660 kit that should arrive in the big brown truck in the next week or so! I like the 600's I need more!

Sorry been away for awhile. Mine would idle fine and then it would spit back through the carb and die. You could not predict when it would do it. I tried every jet combo I could. The only thing I did not try was a different needle. A real drag at a stoplight. It was a lean condition to be sure. No flat spots anywhere though but it definitely lost some low end and gained some mid and top and had more overrev. I went back to the stock cam and liked it better. These bikes were never meant to rev that hard anyway.

I had some Avgas in my bike and had idle problems after the engine was hot. I tried all different pilots and fuel screw settings. I did nothing but switch to some fresh 92 Shell gas, and it all cleared up. I would come to a stop with the clutch in, and it would just spit throught the carb and just die. I thought it was fuel or jetting, but maybe it was a little something to do with the cam?

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