Wrecked '05

Check out the quad community-I have gotten a lot of brand new take-offs from them as they basically pull the motor and part out the rest.

DesertWr/Cali450, you guys are both from California, what were you doing riding offroad bikes outside Johannesburg, SA?

Sorry to hear about the accident, but at least you are ok. You might want to post a list of the parts you need and I bet you can find most of them here on TT.

I hear ya, I wasn't tryin' to call you out. I just agreed with what slim had to say..... Sorry if I accidentally offended :) .



Hey Fellas,

I understand what you were saying bottom, thanks fer lookin out. I'm just saying that I have been one of those guys who piss and moan cause' our riding areas are being cut off and closed down. In all reality these people are closing alot of our areas because guys like me are pulling stupid stunts like that! I know better!!! I once saw three 13 yr old girls riding triple on a 500 with no gear including helmet. First thing I thought was "How stupid, if someone of authority saw that we'd lose what's left of our riding area.". I'd like to take this time to apologize to my Off Road Family and to let you know "LESSON LEARNED". I'm not trying to make this a Noble gesture, I'm just sayin what I feel to be the right thing. Thanks again to all of you for your support. My Foot is healin ok, Sore still, but for the most part ok. My Bike? Well.... not so good. That was my second ride on that bike. I'm sure the frame, subframe, swingarm, rear rim, rear suspension, well everything to the back of the tank is toast. My plans are to rebuild it cause hell, I hav'nt even made a payment on it yet! The motor seems to be fine. Any help ya'll could give me as to where to get some replacement parts would be GREATLY appreciated. It's pretty cool to know that all of you are there. Thanks again!!!!

That link for ebay is for a swing arm for an 05 wr450, no bids on it so far, and starting out for only a 10er, get bidding, only 3 days left

Hey Doc,

That swing arm is for an '03. Not sure if they are the same thing, looking into it now.. Thanks much though!!!!

DesertWr/Cali450, you guys are both from California, what were you doing riding offroad bikes outside Johannesburg, SA?

There are two towns in the CA desert named after South Africa (for the gold) One is Johannesburg, the other is Randsburg. :)

I learn something new every day :)

[glad you guys are healing okay]

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