Suspension ????

Stock 05 WR450 suspension. race tech on spring rates for my weight. Front is at 0.484 kg/mm recommendation. Rear is at 5.64 kg/mm with stock spring being 5.0 kg/mm. Can I gain the .64 in the rear by adjusting the spring myself stock. I heard three turns equl about a 1/4 inch (mm's I have no idea). Any suggestions without having to by a new spring/springs. Just going from stock. Thanks

You won't change the spring rate by adjusting it. The idea is to get the sag to the desired level. Your measuring 2 things when properly adjusted. The sag with you on the bike, should be around 100mm.

After getting this setting correct you need to check your sag without you on the bike. If the bike does not sag at all then you have adjusted the spring to tight and you will need the stiffer spring so that after your adjustments are done you have some free sag and I can't remember off the top of my head what that measurement is suppose to be, it should be in your manual.

Thanks enduro dog. ill look up the info and check the sag. either with the new fancy tools, etc.

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