NCmountainman....Modified Cooling System

You stated before that you modified the stock cooling set-up. Can you please tell me exactly what you changed to, how you did it, and where you purchased the products from. Thanks in Advance

the biggest change would be the boyesen water pump(some people say it made no difference but it helped me in the slow stuff),if your gonna run 50/50 (make sure to use with watter wetter) go to a 1.6 kg rad cap. available from kawasaki for a kx500. i now use EVANS NPG-R and had to go back to the 1.1 (stock). i use reflective heat tape on the bottom of the right radiator tank. i'm considering wrapping the header,but am not sure yet. i use the oil additive two2cool,and yes it is controversial but it does what says. it even smooths out the clutch engagement on the rekluse. other than that there is a spray on coating for aluminum that is supposed to help heat transfer,i've never used it? thats about all the tricks i know. :) if its still too hot theres always IMS radiators. almost $400 though. i might get a set this summer.

Thanks for the reply. Where did you get the npg stuff, and what do you think about it? Some have sworn by the Engine Ice, and some have sworn at it. I think that the Evans is a good alternative; however, I haven't found any at the local motorcycle stores. Zip-Ty offers some sort of coolant alond the same lines as the Evans NPG. I think that the Boyesen impeller goes for around $60 bucks and that isn't too expensive of an investment for a cooler bike. Someone in the CRF forums said that it made their bike run hotter, but that doesn't sound logical. I haven't boiled over, but my friend Dave has the same bike and it has boiled over. Thanks for you Input.

engine ice on its own boiled out of mine quicker than the 50/50 that came in it,only after adding water wetter to the engine ice did it perform as well as the stock automotive 50/50. to use the boyesen impeller you must get the cover(03 and up anyways). the kit was about $160. the zip-ty stuff is repackaged evans,probly costs more too. the evans is waterless ethylene glycol and has a cooling factor that is a little less than 50/50,but it won't boil until 400 deg F @only 7 psi this helps stay cooler at the higher end of the spectrum by reducing nucleate boiling in the water jacket. therefore keeping better contact with the cylinder= better transfer of heat, when the other stuff would have emptied out. its available straight from evans for $26 a gallon but your system must first be flushed with a water remover $18 a gallon. :)

I have an 02 wr426, and my friend Dave just bought the impeller for his. They said that an impeller cover wasn't available for the 02 Model year. I will check prices at Evans and Zip_ty and go with the more affordable of the two. I have no idea why I try to make this bike faster than it is already, because it is already more that I can want as far as performance goes. I have a Yoshi pipe that will arrive this week, and I am most likely going to get the Rekluse. I don't know if it is compatible with the Oil that I believe in the most (Motul 300V), but I sure as heck hope that it is. I live in Texas and the summers here are pretty warm; thus, my effort to prepare the bike for the warmer months that are coming soon. I really do appreciate your time and input....Thank You

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