The sounds of silence

Is there anyway to make my buddys 426 quiet he wants to trail ride it and

is looking for a cheap way to do it thanks :)

FMF Q series exhaust may be your best bet.

Friend of mine used the PMB insert on his CRF450.

Got the bike pretty quiet.

The FMF Q is a good pipe for getting the dB down.

You can also go with the Pro Moto End cap with the quiet insert. This set up goes right on the stock pipe and works great for trail riding. Works great on my 01 YZ426.


Cheapest way is the PMB or Dr. D end cap and quiet insert plus fresh packing. The highest performance way to go is the FMF Q exhaust.

I suggest a quiet-core insert or an FMF Q slip-on exhaust.

u could also find a cheap used WR 426 exhaust(look on ebay maybe) and use that, thats what I did for my YZ 400, i put on a Wr 400 exhaust front to back(that way you get the header guard as well). I do trail rides and race enduros and never had a problem with noise....if you want to be loud just remove the baffle........when you want to be quiet stick it back in........

i think i got mine for like 70 bucks on ebay full exhaust.......

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