02 yz426f bogging down

ok guys, im asking this question to help my buddy out who has a 02 yz426f. yesterday we riding and after about an hour we went back to the trucks. when he went to restart it, it fired right up, but when he gives it some throttle it just bogs down, kinda like he's trying to take off in 4th gear. we checked everything and it seems to look ok, but too scared to open it up and really look. any suggestions on what it might be?

Were you riding in mud? Check to see if the carb vent hoses are plugged. When mine start to freeze over the bike acts like it's running out of gas. It'll idle but won't rev up.

does anybody think this could be the valves?

i put a different exhaust on my 01 yz426f and it boggs from idle and stalls if you grab a load of throttle. im thinking its the jetting but iv learnt to live with it.

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