the SI rears are here,the SI rears are here!!

maxxcross SI rear,m-7312. are in at tucker rocky 110/100-18 TR p/n 682163 in stock. 120/100-18 TR p/n 682164 will be in mar 4th and can be had from TT for $73.92. been waitin' for these babies for a month!! got the 7311 SI on the front and if the backs as good as the front ,look out :)

I cant find wat the tread pattern even looks like?

Got any links with pics and description.?

I rode the SI front this weekend at the WudI7 in Hot Springs Arkansas.

They performed better than my S12 front! I could not find a flaw with them on hard pack to loam to rocks to mud! They were amazing! :)

Are the tires an all round tread.

dan type in m7312 in search engine and go to they have pics. cglvr they are more mud oriented but handle rocks and hardpack better than any soft-int tire i've ever used :):)

Thanks. ill look at the web site you suggested.

Heh, those look like Michelin Deserts I was using in the Rally :)

Wow those knobs look real deep on the SI rear! :) Cant wait to try them!

looks pretty close to the kenda millville. looks pretty sweet......

Thanks for the link. It looks like something that may work good for me. NC, keep us posted please. Thanks. :)

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