3 Things

1. Dear Santa ,

If you would please bring me the correct jetting for my 00WR400 you can cancel everything else I have been asking for

2. Used CR8E spark plugs for sale CHEAP. Good condition only fouled once or twice.

3. I spend so much time working on the above mentioned WR400. My wife just put Christmas lights around my work bench so I can enjoy Christmas too.

P.S. Santa did I mention how Dapper you look in your red suit, it's rather slimming too.

A couple of months ago I upgraded from a very modified 98XR4 to 99WR4 and love it! The bike is VC only about 15-20 hours use. Came with WBros. silencer 12 discs. Other wise stock. Seams to run pretty good. Old owner did not rejet for pipe. I will be removing air box lid and installing new two stage filter or K&N and have on order new throttle stop. Any help with new jetting/clip positions ,#. Would be very helpful and sure to save some unwanted time. Elevation is the Great Midwest, we make do. Thanks for any and all input!!!

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