steering & gearing

I just took my new 01 wr to the track yesterday. I havent been on a mx track in about 8 years, forgot how much fun it is. I was having 2 problems.

1. The bike really wanted to understeer. I would turn full lock and the bike would still be wanting to go straight. I assume this is a problem with not having enough weight on the front wheel. Is this correct? I was gonna try raising forks in the clamps.

2. I had to shift more than I would like. I had to upshift in the air all over the track. Theres a whoop section after a tight lefthander. I would take the corner in second. Hit the first whoop in second and the upshift before I hit the ground. If I didnt make the upshift it would want to throw the ass end up on the last couple whoops. My wr is still bone stock. I was hoping that going to yz timing, no airbox cover, and a white bros e series might make it so I can ride out a gear longer and still have power. Its a canadian wr so I dont have the throttle stop or grey wire.

Thanks all, Ive learned alot from you guys already.

I had a 99 wr400 with the normal yz mods and raced at Glen Helen and other local tracks with better than expected results. As for your turning problem I think droping the clamps will help, also the yz tank/seat combo will help. I raced with stock & yz combo and the yz helps. With the normal motor mods & susp. tuning you will find that your wr needs less shifting than a yz-I have rode a yz and to much work on a tight track.Good luck.

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