Adelanto GP - Need a new Header Pipe

Hi guys,

I went out and raced the Adelanto GP on Saturday. We headed up Friday night and camped out with a group of friends. It was a kick ass time. I did the 4stroke race at 0930.

Lap two I got together with a downed rider and completely folded my stock Ti header pipe in half on my 2004 YZ450f. I would say that I couldn't get even a finger through the pipe opening now. I didn't know it at the time and the bike seemed to run pretty good, I get home and wash it tonight and noticed the carnage.

Soooo, im looking for a stock Ti header pipe.

Anyone got one? Let me know how much $$ you want for it.


You got off lucky, a giant rut swallowed me up in the 11:00 vet race. Smashed left radiator (might be able to repair) and crushed the subframe and exhaust (completely destroyed). Oh and a bruise on my chest the size of a basketball.


Did this happen in the pretty long rutted out straight after the big puddle? I just happen to almost run over a exhaust can that was laying in the sand on my last lap....hope it was not you! :)

Nah wasn't me I went down on the straight just before you entered the mx section. Muffler stayed on but was mashed when the bike flipped.

man I think everyone ate it this weekend I went down at the end of the 9:30 race as well on sat. I was pretty tired and on the last lap I went over one of the mounds in the mx section and a deep mud pit ate my front wheel, Sent me flying over the bars and knocked me silly. At least I was able to get up and finish. Way good times though!!!!

Are those races about an hour long? GP's are fun! I don't think I will race motocross this year, just the good old GP's Worth every penny. You get worn out though. Can wreck easily. Matt

There was carnage every where. I worked the MX track section for the ambulance company. People kept stopping at the water jump and falling in, one kid was stuck in head first. The mud would not let go of his helmet and his head was entirley under water. Some guys claimed they had no idea it was there, they must have been following someone elses line most of the race; then some one passed them and took the jump so they followed

rynno716, was that the last lap?? I have helmet cam footage of the whole race and on the last lap in the MX section I come around a berm to see two guys swallowed up in a mud hole.


Grand Prix Kings

Ya it was on the last lap, I rolled off to the side right after.

My friends were watching the race and could not believe the "lawn dart" guy. That is exactly how they described it too. Head down in the mud feet up in the air. That is hilarious! I too saw tons of carnage on the track.

That kicker your talking about that flipped you over the bars was doing it to EVERYONE! Every lap that I came around that little mound there was flaggers waving people off because someone was wadded up. I saw one guy ride the front tire and flip off the left side of the track right into some peoples camp. I kept staying to the far right to avoid the carnage.

Did you guys see the dude with the huge afro wig on the left side of the track in one of the long dirt straights? That guy rocked!


I saw that guy, but I think the guy with the mask after the dropoff was way more funny.

I went to the right after that mound every time but the last lap I just brain farted, went right down into that big rut. I rolled off the track and noticed two other people injured from the same thing. luckly I caught my wind and trucked on.

I have 2 and I only need one I will sell it to you but I have no idea what they are worth. I will sell the one has never been used.

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