Exhaust leak question??

I have been having issues with my 03 450 for a few months now and could not figure it out, so i finally took it to the local yamaha dealer so they could deal with it. It has been popping when ever you hold the throttle in one position but is some what ok under power.They checked everything out valve spec,carb dis assambly,exhaust test etc. all was good. Then they said they pulled the exaust off and re sealed it with silicone and now it runs fine or a lot better than before. I know exaust leaks do a little but will it be this drastic?? They are recomending that i get a new system i am currently runnind a full jardine system.Any thaughts??

Why would they want you to change your exhaust? is it in rough shape or do they just want to sell you another one?

he was saying because jardine sucks in his oppinon, it is in top condition the muffler is only a month old because the baffle broke and they ended up sending me a new muffler instead of fixing it. He was tring to get me to go with a yosh system. I just dont want to loose anything on top because the jardine was the highest hp pipe for the 450.

Well.. If you are considering a new exhaust check out White Brothers. They have a good name in the buisness and offer a fully tuneable system. They sound awsome too.

Thats what i have been thinking because i am not really impressed with the quality of the jardine system the baffle has broken twice and cant ever get the bike to run right hard as hell to tune. I want a race type system that flows like this one but i need the option for a spark arrestor every once in a while so the carbon pro is out then. What about the gytr system is any one running it??

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