Water Wetter, and Purple Ice

The websites for both of these products: water wetter, and purple ice, claim that racing engines run straight water in them. They also claim that to achieve the lowest possible temperatures, that they used only water and their product. Does this all sound reasonable to you guys? I have never run straight water in a cooling system, well just to flush it maybe, but that's it. I also realize that climates where freezing occurs would not be suitable for a straight water coolant. Thanks for you ideas.

50:50 here with no problems :)

water has the best heat transfer value of anything available,BUT only up to its boiling point under whatever pressure then its all over but the cryin' :) after it starts to vaporize in the water jacket its all downhill. for most people 50/50 with water wetter is sufficient. i have such a hard time because i'm very large (6'4" 280) and tend to ride in tight muddy areas and am usually beatin' the snot out of it(practicing for HS) i've also removed my overflow tank,so my quest for keepin' cool may not be the path for everyone. :)

I've given it some thought and if it ever becomes a problem; I'll mount a small water temp gauge and a couple of trick flat fans on the radiators with a manual switch so they can be deployed as needed.

I'll switch from Silkolene ProCool (Winter) to Water Wetter (Summer) to try and shed some Texas heat off the engine. The advice I was given - four cap-fulls of water wetter and the rest distilled water. Note that water wetter has NO anti-freeze properties.

w/w will work with 50/50 :)

Water Wetter "Dyno Test Results": 50% glycol/50% water = 228F

50/50 + water wetter = 220F

water only = 220f

water + water wetter = 202F

Doesn't say what was actually on "the dyno".

Does say "less than 50% antifreeze provides further improvement in temp reduction".

This will be my first season to try it but, sounds like ncmountainman has put it thru the torture test with acceptable results.

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