Power vs Too Loud

Any suggestions on the perfect exhaust? I heard the yoshimura R3 is a good pipe for added power with out frightening small children and setting-off car alarms.



That would be for a 03 wr450

I have a Pro Circuit Ti-4 low boy, and it is very loud. I never really had the stock system on there, but I'm happy w/ the PC system. Yamaha GYT-R makes an insert for their GYT-R mufflers that lower the noise output to 96 dB. The part number is GYT-5TG93-75-00. I'm quite sure it works for motorcycles as well as quads.

White brothers with the quite insert is just right.. :):):p

I have the Yoshimura RS-3 Comp full system (header, muffler, & TEC kit) installed on my 2003 WR450f. The TEC kit allows you to change out the end cap for 3 different noise decibel. This is a very nice set-up, and only $409 from Rocky Mtn. You have to order the YZ450 kit, as they do not list the WR, but I called before I bought it, and the R&D team assured me it would fit. The installation was simple and has held up nice for the last 2 riding seasons.

The power gains were excellent, as I installed a James Dean jet kit at the same time. Very pleased with the results, so are my friends and neighbors!

Yamaha GYT-R also makes a quiet insert for original muffler.

Yamaha GYT-R also makes a quiet insert for original muffler.

I bought that insert last year for my '02. The bike was un-corked when I purchased it. It slowed the bike considerably and made it sound like a moped. I did, however ride like that all last year as the uncorked pipe was way too loud.

I just took out the insert and wrapped the spark arrestor with packing. When I get the rest of my bike back together, I'll take a sound meter home from work and check the decibal rating and report back here. :)

I have a doma racing pipe on my wr426, it sounds like the world is coming to an end when i hit the throttle, I wouldn't recomend it unless you are only riding off road.

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