yz250f to yz450f...help me!!

I need to get some sleep. I have had a 250f since they hit the shores in 01. I love it but am 99% sure I am going to a 05 yz450f. Thinking about this is keeping me up at nite so please, help me answer some of my concerns so I can get some sleep!! I am a A rider riding setra enduros and mid south hs.

1. How far can it go on a tank of gas?

2. How much if any flywheel weight does it need?

3. Does it need a suspension revalve (I wiegh 210)

4. Will the power wear me out?

5. Is the gear spacing good for the woods?

6. What am I not asking that I should know?? :)


I have an 04 lemme see if I can help you out. I also switched from a YZ 250f

1. Depends on what kind of riding you do. Trail riding with some hill climbs, I get around 40 miles I think. I have ran out of Gas twice, but I was less than half a mile from the truck both times.

2. I ride some tight trails and it can be a little tricky. I ride motocross also so I don't want any flywheel weight added. I haven't ridden an 05 so I don't know exactly how different it is.

3. I weigh 5 pounds more than you and I just set my sag and firmed it up a little and I think it is fine.

4. The power on the 04 is hard hitting and wears you out on a track. I think they smoothed out the power for 05 a little though. Also, a flywheel weight would help do this also. But you are on a bike with a lot more horsepower than your 250f and it takes a lot more to hold on and control the bike.

5. other than the first gear being to tall for trail riding, all the other gears are spaced fine IMO.

I love my bike, I think its easier to maintain than the CRf, its a little cheaper, but its a tough call. I rode a friends 05 CRF and It was a really nice bike. I love Yamaha though and would probably rather have my YZ. Good Luck with Whatever you choose


Gas range on a 1.8 is around 30 miles if your lucky.

Gearing for woods really depends on your skill level, if your an expert your going to clutch it and power through any problems, a novice like myself ended up gearing down the rear sprocket to help in the tight stuff.

I came off a 426 and noticed the lack of flywheel weight and have adapted to it just fine, and now enjoy the lack of it.

The power and hit of the YZ can be an issue for stamina, but there are many ways of dealing with it, if your in great shape it really wont effect you to much, I just got a stabilizer and WOW it helps with the front end swapping from the torque. You can jet the yz450 to tame the power transition to your liking.

What your not asking that i have noticed others jumping from 250f to 450f. Well the weight may be an issue, not as easy to whip around in the tight stuff, hot starts may be a little more difficult, pickin it up of the deck after a mean crash is not as easy. But this is to be expected with a heavier bike.

Im on an '04 yz450. Dont know just how diffierent the '05 is, supposed to be a little tamer, dont know if that is true or not.


If you are in love with the riding style, speed and weight of a 250f dont fix something that aint broke.

If you are bored with the 250f and are looking for more thump GET R Done with a 450f.


1. How far can it go on a tank of gas?

2. How much if any flywheel weight does it need?

3. Does it need a suspension revalve (I wiegh 210)

4. Will the power wear me out?

5. Is the gear spacing good for the woods?

6. What am I not asking that I should know?? :)


1) I've gone over 45 miles in the desert and haven't run out. Depends

2) An '05 probably needs none to "tame" it. Try it for stalling while lugging at low speeds and go from there.

3) Maybe, but you will need springs suited to your weight.

4) I doubt it. Better manners than the older 450's.

5) I have to defer this question to someone who rides in the woods. The gap from one to four on a YZ450 is very slightly shorter than the gap from one to five in a YZ426, though, and if you want to do a killer mod, the WR gearbox is a drop in ($700, but a drop in)

6) "Where can I try one out?"


I think the move would be a wise one.

The Grin factor will most definately be off the charts by moving to a 450.

I haven't run out of fuel just yet, but I imagine 30 to 40 miles would be the range.

I'm coming off of an XR-75, yes, you heard correctly, an XR-75, and the power is fully tractable, predictable, and the gear box is spot on for me on the track and in the woods.


I have an 04, but my buddy has an 05 which I am very familiar with. We did a grand prix this weekend. He filled his bike up and did 4 laps on an 11 mile course. His next race he forgot to fill up and he ran out of gas right at 2 laps (dumb a@#) so I would say 50-60 miles in desert type condtions. The 05 is a little smoother and stalls less easy than my 04 but that is a tough call for me since I have no issue using the clutch when needed. Suspension work suited to your type of riding will always help but even at 210 pound this could be considered a luxury not a must have. I weigh 220 and have been making due with the stock setup. I don't ride much in the woods but 1st gear is tall and could present a problem.

Thanks for all the input. I'm picking up my 05 450f in an hour!!!.Myabe I can get some sleep now, but for some reason I doubt it...

You get your bike yet?

Don't know if all of the other 450 riders here on TT are experiencing the same problems I have had with my YZ, but I just can't keep the bugs out of my teeth. I'm grinning entirely too much every time I ride that thing.

Floss anyone?


Coming from a 250F I predict you're gonna have problems with the 450 front wheel. For some reason the 450 front tire just won't stay on the ground. :):):p:D Have fun with your new ride!

Hey post a follow-up when you get a chance. I've been thinking about doing the same thing - i just love the YZ line, i dont care if the CRF is supposedly a little better (and a lot of my mods will carry over) :)

Thanks and good luck !

This is a reply to my original post. First I must come clean and say that I did not buy a yz450f for myself but I actually bought it for my son. It was a supprise for his 21st b'day. We both rode 250f and are both A riders. I did not want to complicate the issue. In fact at most races we are only seconds apart. The problem he was having with his 250 was frying the clutch. And since he does weigh 220 I figured a 450 was the ticket. Anyway her is my impression and answers to my questions after a first ride on a very tichnical 24mile loop at cmra if anyone knows the area.

1. We should get 34.15 miles per tank worst case.

2. We are ordering a 16oz flywheel. It may be to much but the only real problem we had was stalling. That could ruin your race so I am going to try it. I got to believe that engine can turn it.

3.My son rides agreesivley and we for now don't plan a suspension revalve.

4.The power is great and did not seem to wear him out. The stalling did!

5.The gearing for woods riding is perfect. We like close ratio.

6.What I did not know was that it would turn so well.

Our first race is in 2wks at the cherekee national. Should be fun!!

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