05 Yz450f

I have one of these bikes and race a lot of harescrambles. I am thinking of purchasing a 05 WR. Or am I better off setting the 450F up for harescrambles? I know the bike with the 4 speed in it is a little too much. I have added a 10 ounce Zip Ty Weight. What other things can I do to make it better. I am a A-AA Rider? Any suggestions would be great. What is the better bike?

if your A rider don't even think about the WR. i run VET-B and its just not up to it. tooo top heavy,put a rekluse in a yz 450 and you'll be much happier. i'll be switching in the fall.

I would keep to the yz i love mine for scrambles. i had the same dilemma when i was buying a thumper. if you do the math with the gearing the wr only has about 5 to 7 mph in top speed diff. that is pinned on a strait. as far as rideability i used the power now with a factory 4 pipe and a 10oz as well and on the 05 this seems to be a good combo for me pulls harder from idle and revs out little longer and just smoother all the way through. you don't need that mid range hit if you in the saddle for 3hrs at a time it will break a mortal b class rider such as myself.

Did you do any changes on the sprockets, I heard to add a few teeth in the rear. Let me know anything else that you did to the bike.

I did jet up 2 on the main they seem a little lean out the door I'm at 2800 elevation the power bomb with the factory 4 is what i would try for scrambles. other than that i haven't done any more to the motor. I left the stock sprocket on for now it seems to work for me.

The bike is pretty good in stock form. All I added was the stainless filter(although not for performance), Pro-Tapers with GPR and hand guards, O-ring chain with iron-man sprockets, new tires, a skid plate and larger tank...All mods to make it better suited as a woods bike...Nothing that really enhances performance. Although I did just order a new JD jetting kit. The bike likes to get hot and not start sometimes. While I could probably figure it out on my own, race season is starting already and I don't feel like wasting time in a race thinking bout my jetting.

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