Renthal bars

I crashed pretty bad last weekend at Thrill hill mx in Tn and bent my stock 05 450 renthal bars about 1/2" down on the left side. Is it possible to heat up and bend back into place? Also, the stem turning limit flange was chewed up. Is is possible to have it welded back on if it continues to break apart?


Just get new bars, the bended bars will never be the same and bend even easier next crash.

I certainly wouldn't try to heat up the bars and bend them back into place. It would actually weaken the bars more than they already are and you run the risk of breaking them off next crash. They could then impale you! Very bad. Since the frame is made of steel, I'm sure if you destroy the steering stop something could be welded in its place. Hope this answers your Q's. Matt

Junk the bars and get some Pro Tapers. Like Matt M said, if you try to heat and bend them they'll be even weaker than they are now.

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