Clarke 2.8 Tank

I just purchased a 3.2 Gal Acrebis tank to replace my awesome Clarke 2.8 Gal tank that i purchased a little over a month ago.

I need the extra .5 gal for some desert racing I plan on doing in the MRANN series this year.

If anyone is interested in this tank please go to the item for sales forum and look up the tank.

I priced it so cheap I cant believe it didn't sell before i finshed this post. :)

The are pictures on my website of the tank if you care to look.


What kind of mileage did you get out of the 2.8? Also, what is that toolbag I spy on the rear fender? Not to hijack the thread, but I've been looking for a good, low profile rear fender toolbag for my '04.:)

I recently got a 118 miles out of that tank from top to bottom, the bag is from

good luck

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