fork seals already gone

During the Soboba Trail Ride (about my 5th ride on my 05WR450) i looked down and my forks were dripping with fork oil...SEALS ALREADY!!!??? has anyone had this problem so quickly with their WR and do the Seal Savers really work?

Did you verify that the seal wipers had lube on them? I have 70+ hours on mine with no sign of leaks. Lubing the wipers is in the manual.


My seals went out with 125 miles on my bike and I met a guy riding where his were gone at 140 miles. I resealed mine and revalved the front forks with Gold valves, put on seal-savers-No more problems :)

i'll check that seal wiper being lubed scenario..not a big seal saver fan as far as looks go...but if it makes that big a difference then maybe I should go that route.

You're not the only one... a good friend of mine recently reported his 05's fork seals were gone as well. He always uses a block when tieing down the bike to ensure the forks aren't overcompressed. Could be a recurring issue..

Either way... fork seals gone so soon = :)


I have seal savors on my '99 yz400 and have never had to replace the seals. They work.

I put on SealSavers before I even rode my bike. I have around 500 miles on the bike, no leaks yet.... Every other WR I've owned leaked within the first few hundred or so miles. I thinking they're working...

I got over 4000 miles on one set of fork seals by running fresh seal savers every month and grease under the dust caps. I got another 4000 miles on my second set of fork seals. On my third set now at just over 4,000 miles. I think with fresh Seal Savers installed about every 500 miles they will last a very long time. :)

Don't any of you guys do the film negative thing. Coat a film negative with fork oil and run it up the fork tube all the way around the seal. This removes grit and crap that get up in there. I live in Indiana so mud make my seals leak about every 4 rides or so. Your seals are probably fine along with everyone else that tore there fork apart. O-yea, the grease thing does the trick for me too, white lithium grease is what the manaul calls for i believe. Hope this helps.

03 wr450

My 02 WR426 seals are original. I do the negative thing once or twice a year to clean out the crud, grease pack the outer dust seal and I always carefully wipe down and WD the sliders after a wash job. Around here the water is hard so when it dries it leaves abrasive water marks that can prematurely wear the seals -

I could be wrong but the larger 48mm forks are known to be more prone to this if they are exposed to mud and water. Kawasaki has run these for the past few years and my local shop told me that they do not like mud. I lost my first fork seal in under 100 miles.

Granted the bike has seen nothing but mud and stream crossings with all our rain!

On my WR 2005, the two fork seals are gone at about 1000 i´m waiting for the new seals because they are not avaliable.... :)

I've done 1200 km on my 04 and they dont leak yet :) .

maybe because it dosent rain here but its pretty dusty :) .

****Pull dust cover down. Insert business card between fork tube and seal and knife it up and down around the diameter of the seal. Clean out any debris in the area between the dust seal and oil seal. Apply grease to this area. Slide dust seal back into place. Install Seal savers.

Repeat about every 5 rides. Wash your seal savers off the bike really good at 500 miles or so. Reaplace them at about 1000k miles unless ripped or stretched.

No more reeeky seals :) Has worked for me for a LONG time.

Reminds me, I forgot to order the new seal savers for my YZ :)

Wd40 rots the seals, not good on fork legs brother!

Wd40 rots the seals, not good on fork legs brother!

Good point - to clarify how I do it: WD40 is used to displace the water/clean spots, then wipe legs dry...

I fought the battle with leaking fork seals on my 03 WR for the first six months of ownership. Tried everything...Seal Savers, cleaning with photo film, new Yamaha seals, brace on tire when using tie-down straps. In frustration, I took it to RaceTech... they replaced the seals with Honda seals (same diameter, stiffer rubber). They haven't leaked a drop since. In short, the Yamaha seals (all three sets are junk!!!)

My 03 seals are original. I would estimate 4000 to 5000 miles on them. I've done the film wipe a couple of times. Probably jinxed myself and have to replace them tommorrow for braggin

IMHO, seal savers is the best $20 investment you can do to your bike.

My 04 WR 450 seals went out over Presidents Weekend and my friend is a mechanic on bikes and he told me that the seals were gone. I have about 600 miles on it and that was put on in like 6 times going out. I dont think that they should be going out that soon. I believe Yamaha needs to take a look at the fork seals on the WRs to see if they could do something about this problem.

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