Best Front and Rear Disc Guards

I have a 04 Yamaha WR450 F. Using radiator guards and skid plate from Flat Land Racing. Really like them although I see a lot of support for Unabiker and Rooster.

Anyway, now turning to Front and Rear Disc Guards. I like the Scott's Shark fin but spendy. Dont see many front guards available - the devols looks like a pot and acrebis (sp?) is only plastic (maybe a good thing).

So what is everybody using? NCMountain man and Indy usually are in the "know" so your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

I like the stock plastic rear disc guard. Has some give on impact! Very tough.

I am not a fan of solid shark fins and solid front disc guards. I dont use one on the front due to all the mud I ride in. :)

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