#40 Leak Jet HELP...

I am trying to locate a #40 Leak Jet.

Sudco has a 2 week backorder...

The actual part is Keihin Part Number: N424-52-040

If anybody knows where I can order this jet please let me know.

I have a two day ride coming up and really need this jet.

I've heard people mention tucker rockey & rock mountain mc, but I've never searched their sites for carb parts.

You might order a 48 pilot & I've also heard that using a 100 main air jet makes for nice results too.

Just take the stock leak jet and silver solder it shut for a true #0 leak jet. Then put the #40 in her when summer comes around! I run the zero leak jet in cold and cool weather! :)

Sudco has a 2 week backorder...

So does Yamaha. I think it's nationwide :) ...SC

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