Proud new owner of '00 WR in Colo.

Just wanted to say HI!! How are ya ?...

I've been loitering around this BBS since I decided to definately get a 4 stroke, and sense all the bikes I have ever owned were Yamaha's...naturally I had to have the WR.

I took it out last Friday for the first time...haven't been on a bike in the woods for more years than some of the members here have been alive (OK, so maybe 17yrs or so. Anyway...I LOVE IT!!! *my ass is sore* but I LOVE IT!!!.

Now...onto my question...When I brought the bike home I noticed that the engine case oil drain plug was seeping oil and after trying to tighten it, I discover the previous owner may have over done it and stripped the threads :) Has anyone had to fix this yet ?...I'm hoping it's as simple as re-threading the drain hole and getting a bigger plug. I haven't taken the plug out for inspection yet, so I don't know the full extent of it.

What are your thoughts ???

Take it to a reliable shop, and have a heli-coil installed, $20-30. Can do it in the bike.

BFS, I had the same problem. Go with the heli-coil. That gives you steal threads that are stronger than Aluminum. You might want to have the shop do it for you. I did it myself and had trouble getting the tap to go in straight, almost made thing worse.

Last time i had a heli-coil put in something it broke and scored up the piston in my boat motor. that was in the spark plug hole. If it is going in the oil plug hole if it breaks will it dammage anythng? is there any other solutions. Will buying a plus one self tapper oil plug do te trick.

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