what kind of trailer (if any) do you use?

I found a 6x12 (Black) V nose with all fiber board interior (white) ramp door with side door for $2750 I pick it up in OR no sales tax or DMV costs. :) I think I will pick it up this weekend

I found a 6x12 (Black) V nose with all fiber board interior (white) ramp door with side door for $2750 I pick it up in OR no sales tax or DMV costs. :) I think I will pick it up this weekend

That dosn't sound too bad.

check these guys out. THey have some good prices. Gives ya an idea.


The problem is we dont have trailer mfg. here on the left coast so its gonna be a whole lot cheaper where you are

I use a 8X12 open trailer from Royal mfg in Salt Lake City. Fits 3 full sized quads and my bike. Fold down sides so its drive on drive off. Tandem wheels, tows nice. $1500 brand new and fits in my garage with all the bikes on. Good solution at a great price. No I do not work for them. Covered would be nice but I couldnt justify the additional price and I would need another place to park it

I beat my head on the table for some time trying to figure out how I was going to talk the wife into a new trailer this year. Everything I looked at from 12 to 16 feet was well over $3k before tax. I just found a manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona called TRAIL BOSS. They have been building trailers for 38 years one at a time. I ordered my 6'4" X 14 enclosed trailer with LED lighting and a custom height of 7'6" inside for $3727 OTD. a fraction of any other trailer company. They are about twice as solid as the junk out front of HomeDepot! Also they produce every thing from 6X10 to full car-haulers.

No web site to give but here is their phone # 1-800-553-8724 or 602-437-2223

I have 3 Pace trailers and 5 Continental Cargo trailers for work. I think the price is fine and the size should not be an issue, but is the inside wrapped in plywood? I have seen the sides of trailers with holes in the due to tie downs braking.

One of the selling pionts of the Trail Boss was the fact that the steel tube frame is exposed on the interior. This allows the frame to be used for tie downs. Also, you can weld anything you wish to it such as shelves or brackets.

Look on eBay. There are many trailers there. As for size, I would recommend 7 X 14 for hauling 4 bikes. I have a Haulmark and like it - good quality construction. Good luck.

OK Thumperdad. Here is pictures of my heavily modified 2004 Cargomate 16X7. I tried to post them in my "garage" but a moderator deleted it all.

First picture is of no mods, just got it home. Weighed 2,400 lbs.


and the next picture is all done with all mods:


Next picture is of the forward mounted suspended cabinet with the utilities all inside the center of the cabinet. Both sides are large storage areas.

Note the plug in left of center is phone and cable TV jack! I have since insulated the roof with 1" styrofoam to aid the AC unit.


This picture is the underside mounted 3 ramp carrier I built. Now my ramps are all stored neatly underside and secured from theft also. All my round Master lock #40 are stainless with a 3/8" hasp are all keyed alike.


Total mods are:

9,000 BTU Coleman roof mounted A/C (consumes 9 amps max at 110VAC) This was important as I use a Honda EU2000i to run it all.

20,000 BTU "Suburban RV NT20SE" direct vent heater, themostatically controlled, electronic ignition (no pilot light).

9100 intelli-charger "60 amp RV converter/power supply" with Smart Wizard. This makes super "clean" DC to run everything and charges the battery also. The smart wizard, if it sees no consumption, will drop voltage to about 13.2 to save battery life and once about every 4 days, hits it hard with 14.8 for 15 minutes. This supposed to keep the battery working for a long time by knocking off the sulphate.

2000 watt AC inverter (1000 watt continous) "to make AC from the battery

under deck ramps

50' feet of e-track, 2 runs down each side at 18" and 36"

I have made accessories to fit inthis e-track, like a table etc. Nice thing is everything pops right out to make it a fully functional cargo trailer anytime. Overhead cabinet is permanent, but doesnt interfere with loading quads or bikes.

16 flush mounted floor "D" rings, 5 across the front and 5 across the rear, and one every 4 feet on each side. Rated for 1,200 lbs each

fully diamond plated nose (buddy poked a small hole in the skin with a camper jack)

roof vent with fan and Air Max cover

Pioneer AM/FM/CD stereo

Battery gauge

Porch light

Porch flip out step with grab handle

12 foot bag type awning

12V ACC socket

Shore power inlet

AC DC 9" flat screen TV with DVD player

Bunk light (under cabinet) for reading or "last one in bed" light.

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