what handguards 04 wr450

I was just wondering what handguards anyone is using and if they like them. I want to buy some off the TT store but don't know what will fit. I'm stock bars for the moment but will be upgrading to a set of fat bars eventually. Are there any handguards that can be used on both sizes. I really liked the look of the White Bros carbon fibre ones.

thanks. :)

I had a set of Acerbis Rally Pros on my stock bars. I think the handguards were stronger than the bars. I put a set of PowerMadds on my new Twinwalls and they will fit both sizes.

Cycra Pro Bends with the side triple clamp mounts...SC

Are you looking for roost protection or tree bashin, finger/lever savin' protection? If it's the later, try Enduro Engineering, Moose, MSR and Whacker. I've had Acerbis guards with the aluminum inside the plastic and found they moved to much for my taste. I've currently got Enduro Engineering guards on Renthal Fat bars, and they rarely move, even from hard falls. I believe the Moose and MSR units are made by Enduro engineering or they use the same vendors to produce the units. Another thing to look into, since your a Yamaha rider, is the AM-PRO triple clamp mounts, they'll free up more room for levers, kill/start switches and timekeeping equipment for enduro's. Most of the "serious" Enduro riders use the EE handguards. Good Luck, Stan. :)

i just got tusk handgaurds but have not used them yet. they seem small and i had to move the clutch and brake to get them on so i may also be in the market for new ones i'll let you know what happens after my first ride with them

I agree with Clark4131. The Cycra Pro Bends with triple clamp mounts are a great way to go. Since they bolt onto the triple, they don't move at all.

I had Ralley Pros on my 04, like Big Davey said, they are strong as hell, almost too strong though. I bent the dog shizit out of my bars and my Ralley Pros were just fine. I did end up going to a much more flexible hand gaurd, I have the Acerbis flag handgaurds. They are pretty good, but I like the PowerMadds better. The PowerMadds have a much better mounting system. Good Luck, Black n Blue

I use the UFO roost guards, no bark busters though.

Cycra Probend Triple Clamp Mount is what I use

I would also consider the Fastway handlbar clamp mount.

Let me tell you from experience that you need to determine what kind of riding you are going to be doing. If you are trail/enduro riding and bashing trees all day get the strongest framed handguards you can find with the large polyethylene deflectors. However, and this is important, if you are supercrossin' it, jumping a lot or in situations often that might find you going over the bars, get the smallest guards possible or no guards at all.

I bought a 250 KTM-EXC from a guy that won the state championships on that bike. He had the biggest meanest Enduro Engineering bark busters I've ever seen. And man were they beat up! Obviously a good choice for him. Problem is I left them on when I went to the local supercross track. Still had my bike jetted for the dunes so it was a bit rich. Sputtered on the approach to a gnarly double and cased it on the second. Went over the bars in perfect "flying W" form. My left hand got stuck in the pocket and the large plastic deflector caught my forearm just above the wrist. I am now the proud owner of a whimpy left wrist complete with 9" scar and titanium plates and screws. Of course now all my buddies are sayin' "What the heck were you doin' supercrossin with busters on?" Thanks for the warning guys!

As for me, I'll pay for a lever now and then. By the way, how about a free pair of Enduro Engineering guards? Kinda like these only uglier:



Cycra Pro Bends with the side triple clamp mounts

Same here, they work great and look great :naughty:

Another vote her for Cycra Probend Triple Clamp Mount. I installed them three months ago and love them. I have already beat the factory stickers off of them. :naughty::naughty::D

Cycra Handgaurds are the best. I have run everything under the sun and I like the Cycra ones the best. I wish more people knew about them cause I am tired of seeing Acebis hand gaurds on all the bikes. Get the pro bend with the tripple clamp mount. You do need to buy longer bolts for the tripple clamp to mount it properly but it's worth it.

Where are you getting these Cycra hand gaurds there sure seems to be a ton of you guys loving them. And what is the exact model name? I looked in the Rocky Mountain MC catalog and didnt see them, or am I just missing them. How much do they cost. Thanks, Black n Blue.

Where are you getting these Cycra hand gaurds there sure seems to be a ton of you guys loving them. And what is the exact model name? I looked in the Rocky Mountain MC catalog and didnt see them, or am I just missing them. How much do they cost. Thanks, Black n Blue.

TT store has em and for the best price I could find. Here's a link to em

If you're not sure which ones you need to fit your bike (and bars) just give the store a call and tell em what brand bars you got and if your tripple clamps are stock, they'll send ya the right parts.

My biggest complaint is you have to order the kit with the "natural" colored guards (which look like crap on most bikes) then pay extra for the color you want but thats not a huge deal. They're very nice guards, well worth the money.

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