yz450 wheel bearing replacement..

can somebody guide me through replacing my rear wheel bearings on my yz450? I took the wheel off and messed around with them a little bit, but couldn't seem to get the bearings out.

Take a brass drift (punch) and inset it into the right side of the hub about 3/4 of the way in. Tap the drift to the side a couple of times. This allows the center spacer to mode slightly to the side so that you can "get an edge" on the inner race of the left side bearing.

Gently tap out the right side bearing and hopefully the center spacer will fall out. Now tap out the right bearing from the left side.

Dont forget about the retaining clip on the large end bearing before you try to bang it out! :)

Whatever you do, don't try to reuse the bearings. when you bang on the inner-race of the bearing, you basically damage and ruin them. I didn't think you would reuse though. Matt

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