thinking of buying 05 WR 450

Is there any bad points about the 05 WR450 I need to know ? If not whats the good points. Thanks :)


There is alot. Keep going through the threads. I like mine. Its held up a bit. read the free mods. Very comfortable bike. I wish it had the 04 tank and exhaust. Let the other stalk with you.

After riding an XR 650 for a few years, riding the WR 450 is a blast! The motor is kinda tame before doing the free mods but it works incredible after. There's no gnarly hit anywhere but the power comes on kinda subtle, and the motor can rev like crazy if ya want it to. Down low power is a little weak, but just pull in the clutch for a second and it'll get going! The suspension is pretty good and the WR doesn't feel like a bowling ball between your legs anymore. I've logged some hard miles and no problems what so ever. The only probs I've had are self made (New tank, pipe, messing with the jetting) I've never owned a Yamaha before and there are some definate quirks (like removing the gas tank to change the spark plug) but otherwise I couldn't be happier. :)

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