New Yosh rs-3 slip on arrived today!!

I admit that I am a big kid inside. so the minute that my local shop called and said that the pipe was in, I was there. I installed it right away. My bike only has about 60 miles on it, and I checked the plug last weekend. The bike was obviously running a little rich from the looks of the plug. I was hoping that maybe it would be just right or close to just right with a good flowing pipe. The installation was super easy, and the fit and finish of the pipe was just incredible. I let her idle in the garage and played with it to see if it over-heated quickly, but it didn't. I live in a neighborhood that has plenty of snoots in it, and this neighborhood is located inside a city that has one of the highest ratios of police officers to citizens in the country. The average response time to a call at the police station is less than four minutes. I tell you this, because I wanted to test it out more than anything. However, that above factors kept me from doing so. I called my friend Dave who also has a 2002 wr 426 that was purchased at the same dealership, at the same time as I purchased mine. To say our bikes are set-up similarly would be an understatement. We both had the baffle removed, and the gytr insert installed. He came over and wanted to see what the new pipe looked and sounded like. He asked if I had ridden it, and I told him that I was affraid to. I told him to ride it if he wanted to, and he did. The first thing that I noticed was how loud the pipe was. They claim 96dbs, but it sure didn't sound like it. He rode a wheelie down the street, turned around in at cul-de-sac, and then screamed back down the street. He said that it really opened it up in the mid and top. I was thoroughly impressed with the way he accelerated, and how it had no hesitation at all. I think the pipe is a fine deal for the price. Hope this helps anyone that has questions about the pipe.

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