Head Nut Size

So I'm going to install a Scott's triple clamp & damper, but I don't have a socket big enough for the triple clamp nut. Since I can't wheel the bike into Sears, does anybody know what size that thing is? I found a post from 2001 that said 30mm, so I'm wondering if it's the same for an '05. I suppose I could just use a crescent wrench or clamp on a set of vise grips and go to town, but I'd rather not round out the nut until I get at least a couple hundred miles on the bike. Thank you much...SC

Just measure the nut across the flats in inches and then multiply that number by 25.4 to get the metric nut size. I think it is a 30 mm socket. :)

if its the same as the yz 400 its 30mm I just replaced the bearings in my steering head......

Allthough mine was tight as hell when I took it loose to swap my top tripple, I just used a 10" (crescent) adjustable wrench on it, & that worked fine.

It is 30mm... buy a set of inexpesive (i.e. cheap) harbor freight metric wrenches ($18) that go from 6mm to 32mm. Not for everyday use but handy as a second set or large size.

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