Is there an aftermarket rear brake line for 05 wr450?

:) I unknowingly got wrapped up in some barbed wire around rear caliper and brake line. The brakes worked fine after removing barbed wire for 2-3 rides. Then this weekend in Ocotillo Wells, nothing. The brake pedal has no resistance and piston does not move. It does not appear to be losing fluid, although brake line has visible tears near caliper. I cannot tell how deep they are or if air is entering system. I dissasembled the caliper and everything looked ok. I went to order a new brake line and was told all that is availabe was OEM. So my question is: is there an aftermarket (i.e. fastline, etc..) or will a yz brakeline work? AND.... Am I checking everything I should be? Thanks!

Oh, I forgot to add, the OEM rear brake line cost $80 bucks!!! Hoping to return it!

The TT Store has several choices, Fastline, Galfer, etc...SC

Nothing I can find in TT store for an 05 wr450... :)

Thanks guys! I will probably buy that one if I can return the OEM. :)

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