Project - Yamaha "White"

Well, I finally got the new Graphics Mounted on the plastic. The new White Gas tank will be here next week, and once I have it all mounted I will post pics of the completed bike. Right now it has a Dark Gray Metallic Powder Coated Frame and Sub, Black Excel Rims, "Machine" Color RG3's, Renthal Twins "Aluminum, Black Gripper, and Gray Spyder Grips... I think the completed project will look pretty cool....

Here's some pics of the graphics off the bike, but on the plastic. I was very impressed with the XGX Racing Graphics and the detail and clarity in their graphics. Putting them on wasnt too bad, but did take some time...

Those look sweet.

Can't wait to see the completed bike.

Very nice! :) Make sure you post some pic's when you're done.

I Plan on having them on the bike by Thursday, although, I wont have the tank yet, I will post some more pics... And you guys dont even want to know what I paid for these things!!! LOL My girlfriend about flipped her wig!! LOL

they look great mate where did you get the graffix from if you dont mind me asking :) cant get anythin as cool as that over here in the uk

top :)

looks like XGX... if i read his post right.. :)

They look pretty good.

I'm not a real big fan of the skeleton thing though. Just me.

Yes that is correct. These are from XGX Racing ( )

They are slightly pricey, but have a much better selection than Graphicmx or some of the others I have looked into. I have to admit, they do look better in person than on the web, even on the web they look great, but they look even better when you can look at them in your hand or on your bike. I did have a couple of bubbles occur overnight with the graphics, but nothing that big..... I will post pics tomorrow of the bike...

i cant wait to see this thing.. theres a white crf on here that looks very cool, its right up there with the yellow yzf. if it looks as sweet as i'm hoping it will maybe i'll have to get the hurricane kit and some white plastics and swap out every other week or so :)

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