MX'ing WR450- Weight,Performance,ect...

I've been reading a bunch of posts about WR mods and I've learned alot. I haven't really looked at a WR450 but here's what I'm trying to do... I want a YZ with a button. I'm thinking about buying the WR and trying to take off a bunch of weight, running YZ plastic, aftermarket exhaust, ect, ect...What issues will I run into?? Any idea what I can get this bike to weigh?? Give me an idea what you would do, and if you think this is a realistic idea. THANKS!

You cant take off very much weight without getting rid of the E-start. You can shave about 10 lbs with headlight, tail fender, overflow bottle and tail pipe replacements. Suspension is way to soft for MX and will require $400. worth of rework. About $300. in mods are required to make it run like a YZ engine. :)

Would you be happy with the wide ratio gearbox?

Thanks guys. I was wondering about the gearbox but I figure that if I can't live with it, I would think the YZF trans is a direct swap??? I'm also thinking that I may not be able to do much with the tranny because I plan to buy a 2-Trac, not a standard WR, and I'm unsure how the trans swap will effect the front wheel. I'm not too concerned about the susp. because the bike comes with great forks and shock. They may just need to be set-up/re-valve/springs/ect, which I do with my bikes anyway. If it wasn't for the weight issue I would have already bought this bike. I have a YZ167 and a YZF302 now, and I'm a little concerned about riding a 260 lb MX'er!!

Out of curiosity, why would you want a 2-trac MX'er? That thing has to weigh at least 15-20 lbs more than a stock WR, & from what I hear the percentage of power that reaches the front wheel isn't that amazing.

I have no clue why I want one, but I know if it was on a YZ instead of a WR I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. I've been married a long time, it's not often I get to try new things!!

if you have a yzf 302 i doubt your gonna get a whole lotta thrill out of a wr 450, the things a pig after removing over 20lbs(including starter)it would weigh 240,but i've added back 7 lbs of other things right now it weighs 247. thats for 04 ,the 05 might be a lb or two lighter(swingarm etc) you might look into a wr 250 and get the 315 kit. you'd have the button and over 40 hp to the ground. :)

Does anybody know how much a stock WR450 wieghs compared to the original YZ400/426???

the dry "claimed "weight on my 04 was 247 lbs. ya ,well i don't know if they weighed it in a anti-gravity chamber or what but mine weighed 264 wet w/out gas,stock on a double beam scale.

Thanks NC, 264 plus 15-20lbs for the 2-Trac and the thing is 100lbs more than me!

i didn't see the 2-trac thing. doesn't sound like it would be a productive mx bike. maybe desert racing? :p not much desert in CT though :) might be good for the dunes on cape cod! :)

I don't think the 05 WR would be a bad choice, it depends on how serious you are.

You could get a YZ exhaust system on fleabay for next to nothing and the suspension could be stiffened up with some heavier springs. I think the WR wide ratio trans would be fine. MX Action did a WR for motocross and got it to work pretty well.

I have ridden my WR on an mx track and it was fun.

I just got done with my 04WR450 I put a yz # plate and rear fender got rid of the metal brackets put a yz top clamp and twin wall bars I made a little brackett for the power button out of a 2+6 joust hanger,tin snips,drill,hammer a little filing looks and works great {funny what you come up with when you board around the house]I kept the water tank on the back and run lowlevels of antifreeze.Much better the bike throws around easy love it.Still need some good exhaust but I'm getting close to breaking down and taking the $400 plunge.Waiting to learn what one gives you the most power and still makes sound.

Barefoot, Do you have any pictures of your bike with the homemade bracket? I want my headlight off. The tail light is coming off this weekend. Did you use UFO rear fender? :) Thanks.

I'll take a pitchure tonight,UFO and Acerbid both have a cutout for the wr rear fender to adapt the water bottle the front # plate I had to order a 97 426 plate works perfict with the YZ upper triple clamp.The mount was real easy,Cant beleve I used a 2+6 joist hanger just flattend it out ,cut it to fit the lower two handle bar clamp bolts drilled those holes ,put the old mount on the new scribed and drilled the hole pattern.The wire I made two cuts and bent it down narrowed it and zip tied the wire just like stock.Took a file to everything dont need any cuts to easy.

I have an '05 WR450 that I haven't weighed yet, but it now has a YZ rear fender, YZ front number plate (so no headlight), removed odometer and no AIS. To go with a YZ front number plate you will want to buy the YZ top triple clamp (I bought the GYT-R)so the top mounting hole will line up. You will also have to relocate the ignition switch and move around some of the wiring plug-ins, but it can be done. If you want photos of what I've done, that can be arrainged.

Yeah simica I'd love to see what you did.

I am changing my rear fender this weekend and the water bottle is already gone. I love the e-start, wide ratio tranny and the suspension seems OK but I'll dial it in later. I would like to eliminate everything electrical off my 05 that doesn't need to be there for the e-start. Theres a neutral switch, clutch switch, etc and I would love to eliminate them all!! Perhaps theres a way to go back into the wiring harnesses and jumpering those out. Does anyone know?

I've always ridden MX bikes off road and the WR is superior in every respect, but I would like to have it as stripped as possible as I'm a simple man with simple needs.


Hey Bubz and other,

PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you photos of my WR that looks like a YZ. I don't know how to send photos on TT. BTW, I've tried unpluging the switch coming from the clutch perch, but the bike won't start in gear unplugged. I don't know if there is another way to get rid of this connector and still be able to use the e button in gear.

Photos would be nice. Thanks. I was not aware that you had to replace the upper triple clamp. :)

Here are some pitchurs of me little bracket I made I guess I could of got anel and got it perfict but most times when you get in to super perfict mode you end up screwing things up.I used a pro taper top clamp just because I went to the motor cycle shop and this was in stock and the reason I used a 97 yz426 # plate is because I was told they dident make 04 yz # plates yet but thats bull,a little white #plate tape done deal.

the braket


here is a pitcher of the bike was kinda dark last night nothing special my bikes is on the trail 2/3 times a week havent got new graphics yet but maby soon seems like a wast of money to make her pretty just to thash it. the bike handles so much better on the tight cow trails throws around very happy with the mod.

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