de-nuetered bike

Just swapped the timing on my 01 426. Wow I feel like x-mas just arrived. Thanks to this site and the members I have gained alot of knowledge. One question I have is that I just changed the timing and did not mess with the carb. My jets are on the way. I did however take a quick ride and my bike seemed to perform nice. Should I change my jets? My elevation is around 3300-6000.

Red Beard-

I can't tell you to change them as I'm not familiar with high altitude jetting. Perhaps some other hi-alt guys can help with exact details, but it would help them if you stated the mods you've made other than YZ timing (pipe, airbox, etc)

However I can say that experimenting will REALLY help you dial it in. Make one change at a time, eventually you'll see what the changes do for you and can dial the power up or the same as you have today accordingly

I had to go richer on my pilot jet 1 size, richer on the main jet 2 sizes, increase the main air jet from #75 to #100, and change the needle from stock DRS to YA style EKN#4. The fuel jets above may be too rich for you, but the air jet and needle above may work pretty well with what you have. These changes were from a well running WR timed stock pipe to a snappy YZ timed w/ stock YZ pipe.

mcarp Thanks for the reply, I do have the timing, air box, grey wire and throttle screw mods already done. I did take it for a ride and got up around six thou and I will have to do some changes. I do have a combination of jets used that were posted by another member that rides 3 to 6 so I will try that first. One thing I would like to know is there any easy way to get to the carb?

It's not too bad on the '00 and up models. Remove the coil. Loosen the carb boots, twist the carb-17mm plug access at bottom for main/pilot jets.

To get at the needle, remove the tank and use t-handle allen wrenches to remove the top cover (two screws). Now remove the locking allen screw to expost the needle. A wire hook or (very) fine tooth pliers is needle to get the needle out.

The main air jet at the bottom intake area of the carb under the black plastic cover.

When I remove my carb I remove the throttle cables, drain the gas, and slip it out to the left side of the bike.

What are your symptoms and what parts did you order?

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