AIS removal

Just wanted to let everyone know who was holding back from doing the AIS removal for what ever reason to go ahead and do it.

I got my Lowe Dog kit about a month ago and just got around to installing it last night, all in all it took a little under an hour ( I took my time) even though the instructions don't have any pictures its pretty self explanatory and the project was quite easy.

My bike no longer pops on deceleration which is very cool.

Thanks again


I just installed mine and dad you are a better wrench than me! It took me the full two hours, but I sure like the looks on the right side of the bike with it off. The first time I'll get to ride the bike will be at a race on Sunday at Glen Helen. The only deceleration popping that I was getting seemed to be at higher elevations so I don't know if I'll notice a difference at Glen Helen.

Thanks Lowedog and I'll give a full report after the race!

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