02 WR426 - BK Mod Done


Just performed the BK mod to my 02. In hopes of eleminating a low end quick throttle bog. My bike has always had it and I've just grown accustom to it and keep the revs up when coming to obstacles and such. Recently I've ridden an 04 yz450 which has no bog whatsoever and now this is my goal.

I haven't started the bike yet nor tested. Cold and late when completed. I do want to comment on the factory duration of the fuel spray. It was 4 to 5 seconds. Second in order to get the spray down to somewhere less than 1 second I had to run the set screw into within about an 1/8 inch of the cam. Factory travel was about a half inch. For those that have done this mod how close is the set screw to the cam in your case?


Rode the bike around a bit in the back yard today. Can't really tell that it has made any difference at all. I am gonna play with the adjustment a bit but disappointed so far. Got to come up with some way to adjust the screw it buried so far down into the bike I can get anything on it to turn it.

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