3500 miles out of chain and sprockets?

My bike has been ridden primarily in dry, desert conditions. Does 3500 miles sound about right for replacing chain and sprockets? XR650

Dude that sounds like a wet dream to me. I wish I got at least 1500 here in New England. Maybe this year I will...who knows.

hope your wearing briefs, tim...

i got about 8,000 miles off my ERV520 with Ironman 47 rear and moose 15 front--only lube is some WD40 after washing the bike...desert and baja.

I have a little more than 3k on my stock set and they are looking good. I also use WD 40 after each ride.

Just my .02

Wash the chain after your ride with some mild detergent and a nylon brush. Ride the bike down the street and back. put the bike on a stand and let it run in first gear at idle. Spray the chain with WD40 as it is coming up up the rear of the sprocket. My chains look like new and are as limp as a noodle. No chain lube ever unless it is a street bike. My 2 cents.

I'm going on 9k(all in the desert)and I just put on my 3rd sprocket and chain set.I use a Renthal 14 in front and a Sunstar(steel) 47 on the rear with a DID Xring chain.I've used the Sidewinder stuff and the ERV 2 but didn't get any better life out of them compared to what I'm currently using.

Well then what the hell did I do wrong? Maybe my bearings were shot or I had some serious mis-allignment issues. I used "lots" of chain lube last year. Never again. However, I could have gotten easily another 1,000 or so miles out of my stock "staked" chain. God I miss that thing.

A couple of years ago,when I lived in Northern Ireland,I rode all season with a stock chain with steel sprockets on my XR 400.....and that was enduros and motocross in mostly wet gloopy mud along with road work to and from my job!!!....sold the bike with the original chain on it too!!!

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