trick D S question.

Does the stock odometer have to come off for the light to fit or am I missing something? Any other suggestions before I start would be great. (I tried the search and tried to reach Dale, no answers)

It's been two years since I did my Trick Dualsport set up, but I think you can keep the stock odometer in it's original location. I may be wrong. I have moved so much stuff around at the front of the bike I really can't remember.


Most people get rid of the 20 lb odometer and get something usefull like a Trail tech computer that tells you how fast you are going! :) I think the Trick Dual sport kit cannot fit over that bulky odometer unit it will need to be relocated above the headlight cover to work. :)

Thanks Indie, looks like I need to dig into my pockets again. Not too worried about the weight of the stock unit seeing how I carry an extra twenty lbs around the beltline. If I wanted to be a cheapskate I could move the d s box over to the left around an inch but I'd have four holes from the relocation. :)

Dale 661-268-1094

Give em a call..

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