wr gytr exhaust to loud

Dose any one here know of a quiet insert for a wr 426 w/ a gyt-r silencer. This thing is a far cry from a silencer I'm pushing 103db 3 ft behinde the pipe. I want to get with the program and be a resposible rider but I danm sure don't want to pay 350 for a new exhaust. I checked the yamaha web site and could only find an insert for the stock pipe.

I have the insert for the WR, GYTR exhaust. It was 45 bucks. I just took it out, though. I rode with it last year and it cut all of the power that I gained with the free mods.

I wrapped the spark arrestor with packing. You're right, though the uncorked WR is way to loud with just the spark arrestor. I will let you know how loud it is with packing when I get my bike back together.

I will take a picture of the insert and post it to this forum either tonight or tomorrow so you can see it. I purchased mine from my Yamaha dealer. My bike is an '02.

thanks man but if its that much and cuts out all the preformance gains I think I will save for a new pipe. mine prob needs packing as well it about six mo. old.

Yeah, it was amazing after I put that insert in. The bike ran fine with fat jets, but it just lost all of its uumph! Plus, it sounded like a moped. :)

Assuming you are talking about inserts, not the GYTR accessory pipe, the Quiet Products WR insert is really unrestricted. I have one one my 01 and it's a 1.5" diameter outlet with a turn down(looks like a donkey ...) . They will make you a custom fit plug also if they don't have what you need...cheap.

I have an 04 with stock pipe. I raced the Desert Mt. National Enduro this last weekend and had to use the GYTR quiet insert to pass sound. This was my first ride with the quiet insert and was pretty happy with the power delivery. Of course it losses power but the I felt the loss was spread evenly over the powerband. It made the power feel electric and smooth, with no hit, but still had no problem lifting the front end etc. Sort of knocking the power down a few levels but kept the similiar power delivery characteristics.

Overall I felt for the $$$ it was a bargain to pass sound with out totaly killing the power in a bad way. DB reading was 92-94, they test before the race and also during the race at a check point.

On the flip side I also have an 00 with the Eseries long pipe (I also have Eseries shorty), when I put the quiet core in it stiffles the power in the midrange, it feels like it wants to go, but wont. I found I really didnt like this set up at all and it wasnt that quiet (sorry no DB reading just my ears, telling me it was loud).

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